Friday, January 27, 2012

Is black color for funeral?

My cousin just died, should I wear black clothing to the funeral and what color or kind of rose/ flower should I get.
Is black color for funeral?
black outfit, red rose..
Reply:I think black is fine. you should find out what your cousin's fav color was and buy that color flower. i think roses are nice. btw i am sry about your loss.
Reply:Sorry to hear of your loss.

Black is usually worn to funerals, but different cultures and customs dictate otherwise.\ In Japan for instance, white is normally worn to funerals.
Reply:i dont know about the rose i dont think it really matters if yur cousin had a favorite color then get that but for black people wear black and then other colors too. for my aunts i wore an all black outfit one day and a brown sweater and gray pants the next day as long as u dont wear bright and lively colors to the funeral u should be ok.
Reply:I am very sorry to hear about your cousin`s death. but it all depends on your family and their traditions. i always grew up with a family that when there were any funerals the colors where black, or navy blue, in some cases i have noticed that the women in my family have wore white. my grandfather just passed a couple of months ago, and my grandmother wore white. but in your case as everyone else has said try to stick to dark colors. and if u don`t have any suits then a white shirt or blue shirt and a dark tie is just fine. so far as to the flower, i am not trying to sound funny or to say that this is a fashion show, but find out from your family what color attire is the funeral going to be. like for example some of the funerals that i have attened(no relation to me) have been brown and pink other are green and white etc. so it all depends. and some times the undertakers go off of what the deceased person is wearing. best of luck to you.
Reply:Black should be fine.As for roses,they can be of any colours.
Reply:Traditionally black was used to identify the deceased relatives.

When my grandpa died, he asked us not to wear black but something bright and beautiful to help us threw the day because he always saw us in bright beautiful colors and he wanted us to remember him the same way.

I have been to many funerals in the last 35 years, I just do my best to make sure that I do not draw unnecessary attention to myself by my choice of color or clothing style so that I can show the most respect to the bereaving family.
Reply:Black and dark blue are traditional funeral colors. Wear whatever you think your cousin would like. If he/she liked bright colors or something flashy or whatever, wearing something he/she liked would be a nice way to honor him/her. Any flower you choose will be the right flower. Find something that reminds you of your cousin in some way. The clothes you wear and the flowers you pick should be for the cousin and for you.
Reply:black or gray for some people. depends i guess.
Reply:Dark colors (black, deep blues, browns, greys, etc.) are respectul to the circumstance. I have known many choices for flower... red carnations, roses are at the top of the list. Asking a Florist would be you safest call.
Reply:Yes you should either wear black or a dark blue. Any dark colored suit would be fine. The color of the roses is up to you, any color would be fine. Sorry for your loss.
Reply:black/dark colored attire should be fine...any colored flower
Reply:OH im sorry...wear black with a red yellow or pink,[if she was a girl] rose!!
Reply:Dark colors, (black, grey, navy, brown) are most appropriate. If your cousin had a favorite flower or color use that as your guide. Condolences to you and your family.
Reply:its black but my bff's mom wanted a SUPER colorful fun funeral.. so i wore yellow and red.. so it depends... and sorry..
Reply:depends on the culture or country

black roses,

white roses

white lilies

or orchids

depends on a lot of things --- talk to the florist

See what you can afford, this stuff can be expensive.
Reply:Hi! I'm sorry to hear about your cousin. It depends on what part of the country you live in. Black and darker, conservative colors for the north, east, and west. White is traditional for the south. For rose color, red signifies life; white means that person has passed on. You can wear white roses or something softer in color. God Bless.

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