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My friend (a girl) died in a car accident and the funeral is tomorrow, what do I have to bring?

i dont know whether i can bring flowers, i know i have to dress in all black, but how do i make it more personal if theres something more i can do , i dont know, can someone help me out, i cant go to sleep not being prepared for the funeral
My friend (a girl) died in a car accident and the funeral is tomorrow, what do I have to bring?
Hi, I am very sorry for your loss. Nowadays you do not have to wear black to funerals. Just wear what you would wear to church, something clean, conservative and respectful. You are not expected to bring anything with you. You are there to pay your respects to her and her family. Mailing a sympathy card to the family would be appropriate, and taking flowers to leave at the cemetery would be nice. I usually order from a florist and then I don't have to carry them in. The florist will deliver them to the funeral. Again, you have my condolences. God Bless You.
Reply:is there something u guys made together that was really special? bring that or something of her favorite! i wish u the best !
Reply:It wont be disrespectful, to wear what you have, funerals aren't traditional anymore. My husbands cousin organized a funeral where the people wore white. Therefore just be you.
Reply:just be there....
Reply:A simple" I'm so sorry" card will last, and be personal without overwhelming the greiving family. Just being there is really what the family needs.
Reply:maybe some flowers and memory of you and her...
Reply:You should buy one single white rose and print out "The Lord's Prayer". This is very personal and shows that you will deeply miss her. Offer the family any help they might need and make sure you are available when they call on the favor. Good luck and I'm truely sorry for your loss.
Reply:Yes you can take flowers with you, or have them delivered by a florist. You do not have to wear all black, but be conservative in your choice of clothing. I would suggest a small packet of Kleenex tissues be placed into your purse, you'll need them. Take your heart felt sympathy to the family. Tell your friend how much she meant to you, speaking to the deceased is OK. Some people carry a small pocket camera to have final memories of the loved one. Perhaps you may like to place a small token of your affection for your friend into the casket. As heart breaking as it is for a loved one to pass away; try to be thankful for the time you were able to share with your friend. God Bless you.
Reply:You don't need anything else maybe some dark shades.
Reply:It's not like a dinner party where you bring the host a gift; you are not expected to bring anything to the funeral other than your condolences to the surviving family. If you wish to bring a small bouquet of flowers, that might be nice.

God bless you.
Reply:Take flowers.Keep her photograph in your room and pray for her every night.Try to console her parents.
Reply:Dress how you feel would be appropriate for the family, flowers are a nice touch. Give your sympathy and mourn your friend. Its okay if you cry, you loved her. I'm sorry for your loss Hun. Feel better.
Reply:a single white rose
Reply:Flowers is always a good thing. Also, you could go to Wal-Mart and get the "Best Friends" key chains or necklaces. Leave one in her casket and keep one for yourself. I am 30, and I still have the other half of mine from when I was 12 yrs old. It is small but very dear to me. They don't cast a whole lot either. Just go with care an sympathy for the family. If you were best friend, I'm sure they wouldn't mind if you bring a little token of your love.
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